Pit crew

Our dedicated pit crew are always there when you need them whether it’s for the occasional lift or to take sole full responsibility for running your driver. They are:-

lee Lee Hallett – Lee is our current number 1 mechanic.








Chris Lipscomb. Chris is amongst the top 4stroke drivers in the UK and in his 13 years of competition has had a seeded number of 7 or better in three different classes (Jun & Sen Prokart and Sen 4Stroke TKM) for 10 years, in 2013 finished 2nd in the Kartmania Championship despite only racing 7 times in the whole season. He has the gift of being able to help you set up your kart and improve your lines to maximise your performance.


Bruce Lipscomb  – Bruce quit racing recently to take up mechanicing and his straightforward and careful approach has proved priceless in getting the best out of our younger drivers. With Bruce as your mechanic you will improve.