Our Aim

As a family run team we want to include families in all aspects, with weekends away and practise days being an opportunity for mums and dads to learn about karting as their drivers compete in a safe environment.

Although enjoyment is the main aim of SilverFoxRacing, to enjoy motorsport you have to be competitive. Our team of experienced drivers and mechanics will coach and mentor your driver to give them their best chance in every race, be it in a local race meeting or a round of a British Championship.

At SilverFoxRacing  we understand the need to keep costs down. Our costings page will give you some details but for more in depth contact one of us, we will be able to help.

 BEGINNERS:  Motorsport can be a minefield when you first set out. We know that. But don’t let that put you off!! SilverFoxKarting can help you through your first steps from ARKS test to the end of your first seasons arcing.

INTERMEDIATES: We aim to help you go faster!!! Through our tuition services we seek to unlock your inner potential and turn from a mid-pack driver to a front-runner. We do this by perfecting your lines through a tailored set of methods and by providing you with the technical knowledge to get the most out of your kart and you. SilverFoxKarting will help you find those final few tenths.

PROS: Even if you are one of the more experienced drivers on the grid, we can still help. The professional support and backing we provide will help you to drive with the consistency needed to keep you at the front.

SilverFoxRacing aims to do all this for you, and more, without too much damage to your bank balance. Rather than expecting you to be happy to hand over your life’s savings, we will find and tailor a programme to suit your budget.